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I am your FULL-TIME County Attorney! Defeating the drug epidemic, chasing criminals off our streets and protecting our teachers and school children is a FULL-TIME job!

I have been a police officer, prosecutor and private attorney for the last 30 years right here at HOME and I am here to help! The office is staffed by dedicated, experienced and caring people.  The best I've seen.

   The members of this office take seriously drug addiction, crime and the dangers to our schools and communities.  I could not be more pleased or more proud of the work they do every day for each of us who live here. Their individual commitment to serving our hometown cannot be matched or surpassed. Join me in thanking them for their service!


Defeating the DRUG EPIDEMIC by keeping repeat DRUG OFFENDERS off our streets

I had my 18th birthday on an anthill in Ft. Benning, Georgia in 1984. I began my role with the Winchester Police Department in 1987. I graduated from Law School in 1999 and since that time I have prosecuted and defended people of all walks of life.

    I made my first drug arrest 30 years ago, prosecuted my first offender 18 years ago and I fully understand the role drug addiction plays in our community.

    Recidivism is the largest contributor to the continued and growing drug epidemic. First offenders are the product of repeat offenders recruiting to support an intoxicated and criminal culture. By keeping repeat offenders in jail we can stop them from involving new offenders in their crimes.

    I, along with my staff, am pursuing the capture and detention of repeat offenders cutting off their access to our young people and children. 


Chasing criminals out of town by being tough on crime and sending a community wide message of JAIL-TIME-FOR-CRIME!

    Criminals flow to the path of least resistance. When our hometown is friendly to criminal activity and drug abuse, criminals and drug addicts flow in to our streets and neighborhoods. We can look behind any repeat offender and find that at one time he or she was sober and crime free. After committing crime after crime without consequence , they became embedded in our community and socialized others into their way of life, also without consequence. 

     We have great law enforcement, great judges and plenty of crime. Together we will chase criminals out of town by being tough on crime and sending a community wide message and reputation of jail-time for crime in Clark County. 

    Surrounding communities may be crime friendly, but not here and not on our streets.